AV Consultancy

Presentation People is a new age consulting that harnesses emerging technologies to enhance people lives, both at workplaces and at home. We conceptualise customised audio-visual, acoustic & lighting solutions from a ground level understanding of market context, the owner's vision and tangible, practical facility demands.

Presentation People design solutions that meet the demands of each unique facility.

From meeting rooms to classrooms, from hotels and the ballrooms to restaurants and auditoriums, from large LED video wall & highly personalised smart homes, Presentation People has the experience in designing solutions for a broad range of venues.

Audio Video Consulting

Presentation People address the need for collaborative meeting room environments to upgrade, to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving corporate climate. Our in-depth knowledge lies in integrating advancements in audio, video and conferencing technologies into the digital characteristics of the IT and computing worlds, thereby revolutionising the AV experience.

We help create a seamless experience that meets all audiovisual presentation needs in a simple-to-operate, elegant and integrated system. Knowledge of various sub systems enables the creation of a very high quality, user-focused system design.

Presentation People are a critical link across a multitude of disciplines, including architects, interior designers, IT and contractors. Our detailed understanding of construction team and end-user need helps us deliver complete solutions for both commercial and residential spaces.

Lighting Consulting

Good lighting is about creating the environments that best compliment your moods, more than just adjusting light levels or incorporating a striking light fitting into an interior design. It's about lending character to ambience and enhancing its ability to be effective. Minimalistic energy efficient lighting, the right amount of light for hospitals and sports facilities, mood stimulating lighting for malls and multiplexes, all go a long way in enhancing the personality of the space

Acoustics Consulting

Room acoustics besides enhancing listening pleasure, also contributes to a pleasant and productive environment. Presentation people provide solutions for room acoustics and noise control by addressing its four main parameters namely, reflection, absorption, reverberation and sound transmission. We make the unseen changes that help transform daily experiences not just at workspaces & residences, but across multitude of establishments, including home theatres, board room, VC room, training room classrooms etc.

We ensure clients achieve their aspirations in acoustics by guiding projects from conception and planning through design, construction, testing and commissioning. Presentation people in acoustics solutions for sound propagation, speech intelligibility, enhancement of music and in providing options to mitigate noise within the built environment. We also review plans for new facilities in order to make recommendations on space planning, room shaping, finish selections and construction methods.