Audio Visual Solution for Auditorium
We will help you to build your reality Auditorium. We integrate an auditorium with AV Presentation Solutions considering its application, audience, type of performance i.e whether it is Live concert or tutoring lecture or any other commercial or social presentation. We watchfully plan and execute all detail in respective field from Audio Video to Acoustics to Lighting so that you get maximum results of your performance. Here is your one touch, one stop solution for all auditoriums which includes

  • - Audio Video Solutions

    The audio video is the major aspect of an auditorium design. It is the heart beat of your auditorium. With our experts we create wonderful an auditorium Sound and Projection system which is a must for basic presentations, seminars, conferences etc. Our solutions are custom designed to full fill your exact requirements

  • - Acoustic Solutions

    Even the most visually refined architecture will fail to impress if a speaker's discourse cannot be understood or if the nuances of music can't be heard. For presentations people the challenge lay in assessing the sound requirements and suggesting the most effective solution for any type of hall.

    Acoustic Solutions includes: customized design and installation of noise control systems to help control and reduce excessive noise in an auditorium & reduce ambient noise levels and excessive reverberation.

  • - Lightning Solutions

    Lights set in right mood and multiplies the beauty of your place. To achieve the right ambience, the lighting in the stage and seating areas have been divided into several zones. A Lighting Control System can dimming as well as instant recall of preset scenes such as Presentation and Seminar.

    Flood lights, wash lights, Spot lights, Scanners, moving heads etc .A right programming and remote monitoring of these lights is must.

  • - Stage Decor and Seating System

    Drapers, Curtains, valence, wings, backdrops, when they all collectively with a professional touch your auditorium gets a new breath of life that too with the Comfortable Seating.

    Wide range of designs, material, fabric, colour, accessories & layout brings a grand look to your auditorium