Corporate Facility Audio Video Solution
Companies are tasked with providing more effective means of communication coupled with improved working practices whilst at the same time having to be aware of and tackle environmental issues and deliver cost saving strategies.

Decisions are made instantaneously as technology brings our world closer together. These decisions can be make or break for companies as we operate in an ever more competitive business environment. Audio visual technology help to giving them the edge over their competitors and helping them provide the extra ingredient to allow them to succeed.

Board Room
The most important place in a corporate office where hosts the most important client facing meetings or where critical internal decisions are made by organization management ... More
Meeting Rooms
A good meeting space is an environment conducive for a presenter to get their point across and for a meeting attendee to respond accordingly. The presenter must be able to adequately ... More
Training Rooms
Your training room needs to make a statement about your organization, while supporting high impact audio visual products for collaboration, communication and discussion... More
Network Operative System
A network operations center (NOC) is a place from which administrators supervise, monitor and maintain a telecommunications network. A room containing visualizations ... More
Reception & Lobby
The Reception & lobby Area is where the public gets its first impression of the company. This is the place where visitors are met, registered, and where they wait (perhaps reading a magazine) for... More
Cafeterias have long ceased being about food. They are more meeting spaces for employees to meet over lunch or coffee. The informal setting enables a free flow of conversations ... More
Town Hall
Town hall meetings help corporations augment their top-down communication model with a more direct communication method. These types of meetings enable the presenter to address ...More